Activity 1: Our Australian banknotes

Our Australian banknotes are made from plastic and are very colourful.

Try some Australian banknote jigsaw puzzles .

Look closely at an Australian banknote

Discover what is on an Australian banknote. Consider its:

  • value
  • colours
  • illustrations including the names of people and places
  • security features
  • words
  • patterns
  • other interesting features.

Australian banknotes have important security features that help stop criminals from making fake banknotes.

Discover the security features on Australian banknotes

Look at banknotes and talk about their security features.

  • Can you find the words printed in tiny lettering (microprinting) on each banknote?
  • What can you see when you hold a banknote up to the light?
  • What happens to the serial numbers when they are put under a special (UV) light?
  • What can you see in the clear window on each banknote?

Present your findings about the design and security features on a matrix provided by your teacher. Share your findings with your class.