Year 2

Many people from the past have played important roles in their communities.

Find significant people from the past

Community members of historical significance who made a difference might include:

  • early settlers
  • soldiers
  • gold miners
  • sports people
  • emergency services personnel
  • artists and musicians
  • architects
  • politicians
  • scientists and inventors.

Compose some research questions

Start by composing some research questions, such as:

  • What is the person's name?
  • What is the person's date of birth?
  • Where was the person born?
  • Where did they grow up?
  • What was their job?
  • How did they help the community?

Search for information about your person

With your group find answers to the questions you composed. To do this you could:

  • conduct an internet search
  • speak to senior members of the community
  • visit a local museum
  • search old newspapers and magazines
  • study old photographs and/or letters
  • talk to your parents or grandparents
  • look at books.

Organise the information your group collected

As a group decide on a way to present your research using text, photographs, drawings and/or audio recordings.

Share the group's work with the class.