Year 3

There are many places in your local community that are named after people who played an important role in the past.

Make a list of local sites

With your teacher make a list of sites named after people from the past who have played an important role in your community. Consider names of:

  • streets
  • monuments
  • buildings
  • sporting facilities
  • parks.

Construct ‘Who?’ ‘What?’ ‘When?’ ‘Where?’ ‘Why?’ questions

Choose one of the sites from the list. Make a list of research questions related to the person from the past that the site is named after. Consider:

Who was this person?

When did they live?

Where did they grow up?

What job did they do?

Why were they important?

What did they contribute to the community?

Find out about the person

Use your questions as a guide to find out about the person you have chosen. You could:

  • conduct an internet search
  • speak to senior members of the community
  • visit a local museum
  • search old newspapers and magazines
  • study old photographs and/or letters
  • read books.

Organise your information under headings

Look at your questions and answers and organise your information under headings such as:

  • Background
  • Achievements
  • Community influence.

Write a narrative about your chosen person

Use the headings to help you organise your information to write a narrative. Edit your writing, check your spelling and make any changes that will improve your narrative.

You might present the narrative as:

  • a PowerPoint presentation
  • a digital poster or book with images and text
  • an idea of your own.