Activity 2: Noteworthy people

Our Australian banknotes include images of many noteworthy people who have contributed to Australian life and culture. Make a class list of people featured on the banknotes. Look at the interactive Australian banknotes  again. These people each made an important contribution to Australia.

With your teacher look at the noteworthy people digital book .

Play the identity card game and the Australian banknotes matching game .

Find out more about a noteworthy person

Your teacher will place you in a research group and give you the name of a person and a question to research.

Read or listen to a reading about the person you are researching.

Write an answer for your question.

As a group present the information you found

Present your information along with drawings, paintings or images that tell you more about the person.

You could create a:

  • PowerPoint presentation with images and text
  • digital mind map with information joined to an image of the person
  • poster or book with images and text.