Engagement history

In September 2012, we announced our intention to release a new series of Australian polymer banknotes. The first of Australia's next generation of banknotes – the new $5 – was issued on 1 September 2016. The new $10 banknote will enter general circulation on 20 September 2017, followed by the new $50 which is expected to enter circulation in late 2018. The remaining denominations in the series will be introduced in subsequent years.

The cash handling industry has witnessed significant change since the existing polymer banknote series was issued more than 20 years ago. It is estimated there are now around half a million pieces of equipment, including ATMs, self-service checkouts, gaming machines and vending machines in Australia that need to accept and recognise the new banknotes. There are also more than 1.2 million retail staff who will need to be familiar with the new security features to ensure they are not vulnerable to accepting a counterfeit. As such, we believe that it is important to engage with the industry as early as possible to reduce all disruption resulting from the introduction of the new banknotes.

In acknowledgment of the significant impact this would have on the industry, the Reserve Bank began engaging with banknote equipment manufacturers (BEMs) in 2009, prior to the public announcement of the program. Following preliminary research, a formal Machine Readiness Program was established in 2013.

We would encourage all equipment users to consult the list of program participants to discover which manufacturers are already engaging with us.

Following the release of the new $5 banknote, we have adjusted our focus to better meet the requirements of the broader banknote industry and high volume cash handlers. Feedback received during and post issuance of the new $5 has helped guide this adjustment, including the need for a single source of information and broader access to test notes.

One aspect of the Reserve Bank’s outreach program is designed to identify and utilise opportunities to work with stakeholders to educate their staff, customers and clients about banknotes and their security features. Through the program, we engage organisations and representative bodies across a range of sectors such as retail, banking and hospitality (fast food, gaming and clubs) and provide materials to assist with their internal and external communication about the roll-out of the new banknotes.

Program Participants

The list below includes the machine manufacturers and distributors that, as of 1 February 2017, have finalised all of the preparatory requirements and are participating in the Reserve Bank's Machine Readiness Program. These companies are receiving information from the Reserve Bank about the new banknote series, and are being offered Test Notes with which to prepare their machines for the new banknotes.

If you believe that your company should be on this list, or you have noticed that your machine manufacturer and/or distributor is not on this list, you are encouraged to contact the Reserve Bank at IndustryEngagement@rba.gov.au .

  • Abacus Cash Systems
  • Ainsworth Game Technology
  • ARCA
  • Aristocrat
  • Aruze Gaming Australia
  • Bally ANZ
  • Billcon Corporation
  • BMM Australia
  • Bullion IT Australasia
  • Cardtronics Australasia
  • CashPoint ATM
  • CashTronics Australasia
  • CIMA
  • CI Tech
  • Coinco Coin Acceptors
  • Crane Canada Co
  • Crane Payment Innovation
  • CS Sales and Service
  • Cummins Allison
  • CPS
  • Diamond Tech Gaming
  • Diebold Nixdorf
  • e-Banking Tech Co. Ltd
  • EzeATM Ltd
  • First Data/CashCard
  • Fujitsu Frontech
  • Genmega, Inc.
  • Giesecke & Devrient
  • Global Payment Technologies Australia
  • Glory Global Solutions
  • GRG Banking Equipment
  • GTA / GLI Australia
  • Hitachi Terminal Solutions Korea
  • Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions
  • Innovative Technology
  • Integrated Technology Services Pty Ltd
  • International Currency Technologies
  • JCM
  • Kisan Electronics Co. Ltd
  • KOA Co. Ltd
  • Konami Australia
  • Laurel Bank Machines
  • Linfox Armaguard Pty Ltd
  • Masterwork Automodules Technology
  • Matsumura Engineering
  • Microelectronic Solutions
  • Microsystem Controls
  • Millenium OZ
  • Myoung Sung
  • Nautilus Hyosung
  • NCR Australia
  • NCR Financial Group
  • NTT Data Payment Services Victoria
  • PayTech
  • PLUS Banking Machines Co. Ltd
  • Prefect Agencies
  • Prosegur Australia
  • Pyramid Technologies
  • SBM
  • Servco Limited
  • SprintQuip
  • Stargroup Limited
  • Suzo Happ
  • The Banktech Group
  • Thomas Findlay Group
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Transcity Group Limited
  • Triton Systems of Delaware, LLC
  • Vending Technology Australia
  • VFJ
  • Volumatic Limited