Machines and test notes

To ensure that Australia's upgraded banknotes continue to meet community needs, banknote processing equipment needs to be able to transport, authenticate, count and process the new banknotes. To achieve this objective, the Reserve Bank is engaging with manufacturers, deployers and owners of banknote processing equipment.

The nature of the upgrade means that most machines will require some degree of hardware or software update to enable them to process the new banknotes. This applies to all categories of machines, including those that dispense, accept, count and sort banknotes.

We encourage all manufacturers, distributors and users to communicate and discuss their requirements and progress around respective upgrade strategies.

To facilitate this process we have published a list of program participants that are already engaging with us.

Test material

Industry feedback indicated a need for additional machine users to access test notes to confirm equipment solutions on their own networks. As a result, we plan to provide broader access to test material to the banknote industry.

The test material falls into three categories:

  • Transportation notes – to allow equipment manufacturers to develop and implement any transportation updates resulting from the architecture of the new banknotes. Please note: These notes do not represent final production notes.
  • Adaptation banknotes – final production banknotes to allow equipment manufacturers to develop models to recognise, process and authenticate the new banknotes.
  • Assurance banknotes – final production banknotes to allow users of equipment to test and validate the solutions deployed.

This means as a Banknote Equipment Manufacturer you can access Transportation notes and Adaptation banknotes to develop solutions to ensure your machines will process and authenticate the new banknotes. This test material is accessed via a Banknote Loan Agreement.

Banknote equipment users on the other hand can access Assurance banknotes to confirm their machines are ready to process the new banknotes. Assurance banknotes are accessed under a Banknote Access Agreement.

The table below outlines which test material will be made available to stakeholders and the associated intended timing.

Availability of test notes
Denomination Purpose Type of test notes Intended timing BEMs Equipment users
$100 Transportation Trial notes 2 May 2019
Adaptation Production Banknotes 29 November 2019
$50 Transportation Trial notes 26 June 2017
Adaptation Production banknotes 27 November 2017
Assurance Production banknotes 23 August 2018
$20 Transportation Trial notes 27 November 2017
Adaptation Production banknotes 21 November 2018
17 June 2019
Assurance Production banknotes 17 June 2019

Please note: the timing is subject to change if required due to production timetables.

It is our intention to make adaptation banknotes available to equipment manufacturers at least six months prior to issuance, and assurance banknotes to machine users at least two months prior to issuance.

If you require test material please contact us via