Services We Provide

Counterfeit examination and expert witness statements

The Reserve Bank maintains a dedicated counterfeit examination laboratory to assist the AFP with the administration and handling of counterfeits. Qualified Reserve Bank personnel examine suspect counterfeit banknotes sent to the AFP Currency Team, to collect information on counterfeiting techniques and trends across Australia.

The Reserve Bank can assist with prosecution cases by providing expert witness statements and attending court, when necessary. Statements can be given on both Australian and foreign counterfeit banknotes.

If you require an expert witness statement for court, please contact the AFP in the first instance.

The Reserve Bank can also assist law enforcement by providing expert witness statements identifying the date of print of genuine Australian banknotes. For statements relating to banknotes' date of print, please contact us.

Education and training

The Reserve Bank can provide counterfeit detection brochures free of charge. If you would like to obtain brochures, contact us. The Reserve Bank's Counterfeit Detection Guide 751KB, Security Feature Flyers for the new $5 banknote PDF 3.1MB, new $10 banknote PDF 2MB, new $50 banknote PDF 8MB and new $20 banknote PDF 4.3MB are also available to download.

The Reserve Bank also runs a free law enforcement education program. The program involves running seminars and workshops covering topics such as:

  • relevant legislation;
  • administrative arrangements;
  • security features and banknote authentication; and
  • common questions in relation to Australian banknotes.

If you would like help, training or advice, please contact us.

Media releases

The Reserve Bank can assist law enforcement agencies in preparing media releases relating to counterfeit currency. In particular, Reserve Bank staff have the technical knowledge and expertise to properly describe genuine and counterfeit banknotes.

If you would like any assistance or advice with preparing a media release, please contact us.