For Machine Users

The Reserve Bank of Australia maintains a supply of uncirculated Australian banknotes and counterfeits that can be used to test banknote validation equipment.

Uncirculated Banknotes

Uncirculated banknotes can be lent to banknote equipment manufacturers to help them ensure that their processing machines can transport and accept genuine banknotes.

The loan facility includes banknotes from recent print runs that have not yet been released into circulation.

The Reserve Bank does not provide access to used banknotes that have been in circulation.

Counterfeit Banknotes

The Reserve Bank provides access to counterfeit banknotes to enable equipment manufacturers to test whether their equipment can differentiate between genuine and counterfeit banknotes. This selection of counterfeits does not include examples of all counterfeits that have been passed in Australia but does reflect recent counterfeiting trends.

These counterfeits are available for testing at the Reserve Bank's Counterfeit Examination Laboratory at Craigieburn in Victoria.

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