Suspect banknotes that are turned in to or seized by state or federal police are examined by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Detail on each confirmed counterfeit is recorded and aggregated. Analysis on counterfeiting is provided in the Reserve Bank of Australia's Annual Report each financial year.

The table below contains data on the number of counterfeits detected in the previous financial year. Counterfeit data are also presented in a ‘parts per million (PPM)’ format to provide context when comparing counterfeiting in different periods. PPM means the number of counterfeits detected for every million banknotes in circulation.

Counterfeits Detected in 2015/16
$5 $10 $20 $50 $100 Total
Number 29 51 448 22,063 3,656 26,247
Nominal value ($) 145 510 8,960 1,103,150 365,600 1,478,365
Parts per million 0.2 0.4 2.8 34.5 11.4 18.6
* Figures are preliminary and subject to upward revision due to lags in counterfeit submissions to the Reserve Bank.

Historical counterfeiting data are published every six months and can be found on the RBA website.