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Reimagine the $5 note

Unfolding Stories

Celebrating First Nations cultures and history

Submissions were open to the public in March and April 2024. Submissions are now closed.

As times change,
so do our banknotes.

The $5 note is being redesigned and we want to use this as an opportunity to represent what makes this country so special:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and history.


Sketch representations of kookaburra, Uluru and a wattle

We won’t be putting a portrait on the $5 note this time.

We want to try something new.

We want to look at what’s shaped us and what’s helped us grow.

We received great ideas from the public's nominations, including themes related to First Nations history and cultures, storytelling, art and design, native animals and important landmarks.

Ideas that we received will now be analysed and turned into an artwork to help us celebrate and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures on the new $5 note.

$5 banknote

We asked the public for a theme that:

  • Celebrates First Nations cultures and history
  • Depicts First Nations cultures in an authentic and respectful way
  • Recognises the diversity of First Nations cultures across different regions of Australia
  • Respects First Nations cultural sensitivities about information or images that are sacred or secret (and therefore not appropriate for inclusion on a circulating banknote).

Key themes will be tested with relevant communities or experts to determine the likelihood of obtaining cultural permissions in a reasonable timeframe before the final theme/s is selected by an Imagery Selection Panel.

What's next?