Does the Reserve Bank sell first prefix, last prefix and uncirculated banknotes?

The Reserve Bank no longer sells first and last prefix banknotes. Uncirculated banknotes are available over-the-counter at the Reserve Bank's Canberra branch.

What is my pre-decimal Australian banknote worth in dollars?

The conversion of pre-decimal Australian banknotes to dollars is obtained by multiplying the face value of the pre-decimal banknote by two (except for a 10 shilling banknote which converts to $1). For example, a £1 banknote converts to $2, £5 converts to $10 and £10 converts to $20.

Are my old, rare or misprinted Australian banknotes worth more than their face value?

The Reserve Bank and other commercial banks will only recognise previous issues of Australian banknotes as face value and do not provide opinions concerning the market value of old, rare or misprinted banknotes. If you wish to have your banknotes appraised, it is recommended that you contact a number of Australian banknote and coin dealers. Without endorsing any particular organisation, there are a number of Australian banknote and coin dealers that are members of the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association Inc (ANDA). For more details, please visit the ANDA website.