Review of Banknote Distribution Arrangements: Issues Paper 6. How to Contribute

The Reserve Bank is seeking views from interested parties on the issues raised in this paper. Note that it is not necessary to respond to every question in this paper. The Reserve Bank also invites stakeholders to raise other issues relevant to the banknote distribution system that they would like be considered as part of this review. Respondents should ensure that submissions reflect the views of their organisation.

Written submissions on the issues discussed in this paper, and the questions for stakeholders (Appendix A) should be provided by no later than 21 January 2022, and should be sent to:

Head of Note Issue Department
Reserve Bank of Australia
GPO Box 3947
Sydney NSW 2001


Submissions provided by email should be in a separate document, in Word or equivalent format. Submissions in PDF format must be accompanied by a version in an accessible format such as .rtf or .doc.

All submissions will be published on the Reserve Bank's website, unless it is specifically requested that the Reserve Bank treat the whole or any part of a submission as confidential. The Reserve Bank will review the submissions received and may meet with stakeholders to discuss their submissions. The Reserve Bank will publish a follow-up paper at the conclusion of this process.


Unless requested otherwise, published submissions will include contact details and any other personal information contained in those documents. For information about the Bank's collection of personal information and approach to privacy, please refer to the Personal Information Collection Notice for Website Visitors and the Bank's Privacy Policy.